World Champion Surfer Bruce Irons

Bruce Irons, Pterygium Patient & World Class Surfer

Photo by Zak Noyle

Dr. Gaster and Bruce Irons

Real Five Star Yelp Reviews

Vince J.

“I’d wanted corrective eye surgery for years and had consulted with another physician before meeting with Dr. Gaster. Unlike the other doctor, whose consultation felt more like a sales pitch than a medical doctor exam, Dr. Gaster and his staff took their time and did a thorough examination of my eyes and my vision. And, most importantly, Dr. Gaster discovered that my corneas were too thin for the procedure that the other doctor tried to convince me to have. And in my case, as opposed to doing both eyes, he suggested that I could better achieve my goals by simply doing one (saving my vision and saving me money). When he told me that I knew I was in great hands.

The surgery went like clockwork, from prep to the post-op follow up call to see how I was doing. And of course, Dr. Gaster’s work was excellent.

I could not be more pleased!”
Vince J.- Hollywood Hills West, Los Angeles, CA

Esther V.

“Dr. Gaster is a knowledgeable ophthalmologist and a wonderful, kind human being. I was diagnosed with Keratoconus at a young age and have been under his care for about 5 years. I am fortunate to have found him. In the last 5 years, Dr. Gaster has allowed me to reach the best vision I can. After a corneal crosslinking procedure, a corneal transplant, and PRK, I see respectively 20/25 in both eyes (unaided). This is a significant improvement as I was 20/60 in the right eye and 20/4 fingers in the left.

Dr. Gaster is extremely straightforward. He will not recommend a procedure he does not think is necessary, will thoroughly review details (along with complications), and answer any questions. His honesty is refreshing because other doctors, in my experience, will allude to being able to somehow cure or “conquer” your Keratoconus – which is not the case at all. A frank conversation with a medical professional is imperative for anyone who has a progressive, chronic disease (such as Keratoconus). There have been several times when Dr. Gaster has kept me “grounded” by reminding me of 1) where my vision was when I first started seeing him and 2) how grateful I should be for the great vision I have now. There are times when I become impatient or discontent as I still want to have that “perfect, 20-20″ vision. Undoubtedly, his reminders are much needed. Furthermore, Dr. Gaster has a strong work ethic that truly benefits his patients. He’s answered emails and taken phone calls during after-hours.

In regards to the procedures, the surgeries have been life changing. For the first time in over a decade, I have functioning vision in my left eye. No words could ever describe how thankful my family and I are to him. We value and respect him.

I have such wonderful memories and positive things to speak of Dr. Gaster because he has always been supportive and professional. There have been times where I have lost my composure, either before surgery or during a post-op appointment, and he has always been able to handle the situation with great care (my apologies for the anxiety and the few tears I’ve shed!).

So if you need an ophthalmologist, pay him a visit! Be ready for straightforward discussions.
Much luck to all of you!”

Esther V.- West Hills, CA

An Ophthalmologist’s Son

Physician’s Son

Veronic M. - 5 stars. "I recently went to see Dr. Gaster because of the trouble I was having with my eyes. I didn't know what was wrong. Dr. Gaster came highly recommended. Apparently he just opened an office in Beverly Hills. He also has one in Orange County where he is well known. He is a Professor at UCI and was just named to Top Doctors in Orange County. Dr. Gaster spent considerable time with me discussing my options. But there was nothing serious that I had to worry about. I was so relieved. And very impressed with how patient and warm he was and how nice the office was."


IPL Patient

Brandon G.

Dear Dr. Gaster,

“Words are not capable of expressing my level of appreciation for all you have done to help me. I was terrified last month. I will never forget you taking the time to call me. You are a Mensch, a hero and I wish more doctors were like you! Look forward to seeing you for my follow-up.”

Brandon G.