Corneal Transplants

Beverly Hills Corneal Transplants

Corneal Transplant Procedure

As a fellowship-trained, corneal specialist in Beverly Hills, California, and Orange County, California, Dr. Ronald N. Gaster is an expert in treating a wide variety of ocular conditions including those requiring corneal transplant surgery.

He offers precise, effective Femtosecond Laser-assisted corneal transplant surgery, the latest method available creating delicate incisions for the donor and recipient corneas.

Currently, most corneal surgeons perform corneal transplant surgery using a manual trephine, a metal circular blade. Although a trephine can be effective in the right hands, it is impossible to duplicate the precision of the Femtosecond Laser in making exact incisions for the transplant.

Dr. Gaster offers the new and advanced technology of the IntraLase Femtosecond Laser for corneal transplant surgery for the appropriate patient. With IntraLase laser technology, Dr. Gaster can cut the cornea with unmatched precision using only the laser, and not a metal blade, to make the corneal incisions.

Cornea Transplant Diagram

Dr. Gaster has been an invited speaker at national and international meetings where he has presented his work on this advanced corneal transplant technique and has taught other corneal surgeons how to perform this procedure.

Dr. Gaster’s extensive experience as an ophthalmologist in Beverly Hills, California, and Orange County, California, combined with this new and effective state-of-the-art technology provides more precision and accuracy, a decreased risk of complications, and a reduced recovery period.

Additionally, Dr. Gaster is performing the advanced procedures of DSEK, DSAEK, DMEK and DALK for appropriate corneal conditions, including Fuchs’ dystrophy and keratoconus, respectively.

Descemet’s Stripping Automated Endotheilial Keratoplasty (DSAEK), which is very similar to DSEK, is also referred to as a partial corneal transplant. Dr. Gaster performs this procedure for appropriate patients who need only the back layer or endothelium of the cornea replaced. Dr. Gaster is using ultra-thin donor tissue to perform this very delicate procedure for patients with Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy or other corneal endothelial diseases.

Femtosecond laser-assisted corneal transplant

Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (DALK) is a delicate procedure where the endothelium of the cornea is preserved and the abnormal anterior or front portion of the cornea is replaced.

This new technique is often used for patients with keratoconus or post-LASIK ectasia, where appropriate. If you need any of these corneal procedures, see Dr. Gaster at his offices in Orange County, California, or Beverly Hills, California at the Gaster Eye Center.